Opposed to finding TRUTH in SCIENCE, which should be considered as a general problem, TRUTH finding in ART is a personal problem, and many roads can be taken. In literature one has to read a large set of books and starting points are difficult to give. In general Shakespeare is accepted as a top but not of the pops. In music it is not clear if TRUTH can be found, but listening to music will contribute to understanding the world of emotions, Bach and Beatles are accepted as a top of the pops . However, reading and listening will take a lot of time, a better alternative is to study pictures, "a picture is worth a thousand words" and can be interpreted fast, so here we go:

41900 bc Anonymus / Hunting scenes Earliest known cave art by modern humans, representing a daily life truth
1070 Anonymus / Bayeux tapestry 620 men, 190 horses, 37 trees, 35 dogs, 33 buildings, 32 ships, 6 women, 2 camels, from a time when women were of lower status
1434 Jan van Eyck / Arnolfini portrait Paint the pregnancy
1612 Artemisia Gentileschi / Judith and Holofernes The result of Me Too
1658 Johannes Vermeer / Milkmaid Paint the Light
1699 Caspar van Wittel / Piazza Navona Paint the cityview
1820 Francisco Goya / Desastres della Guerra No.05 Draw the worst result of human stupidity
1875 James McNeill Whistler / Nocturne in Black and Gold Paint the Essence
1887 Antonio Mancini / Aurelia Paint the Women
1906 Paula_Moderson-Becker / Self-Portrait at 6th Wedding Anniversary Paint the Intimacy
1914 Jan Mankes / Young white goat Paint the essence of a goat
1921 Paul Klee / Adam and Little Eve Paint the essence of Eve
1923 Alida Pott / Portret of Hilda Idema Paint the essence of consciousness
1937 Pablo Picasso / Guernica Paint the worst result of human stupidity
1944 Piet Mondriaan / Victory Boogie Woogie Abstract Ultimo
1987 Madi Phala / These Guys Are Heavy Black Artists matter with a view on violence
1988 Ingrid Sikkens / Pop Blue Picture the essence of attitude
1991 Siri Beerends / Ballon met vliegende vis Dat kan mijn dochter van 5 ook
20xx Wikipedia Kleuterschool / Compilation Dat kan mijn kind ook
2020 Abdoulaye Konate / Coucher de soleil Display the sunny colors
2021 Ingrid Sikkens / THE END THE END will get us in the end

If we start to use moving pictures the world becomes too complex and binging Netflix can be time consuming and tiresome. Two short moving picture examples that may inspire you outside the standard movies and series:
Francis Alÿs / El Ensayo (Should be experienced in surround) 1999
Tereza Rullerova / Playbour Supersonik 2015
Lotta Blokker / The Hour of the Wolf 20xx